Good Health Relies on Being True to Ourselves

Good health relies on many factors, not least on the importance of being true to ourselves.

Humanity is a herd (or pack) animal. Most humans want to live with a family, with their extended family close by. However, to be part of a pack does come at a cost; to our individuality. So life becomes a bit of a compromise. It’s how much we compromise that may be the cause of our deteriorating health.

When we no longer follow what our instincts, our heart, our feelings, our thoughts try to tell us, then we have compromised too much. Then we no longer know who we are and have lost our own sense of self. All we can do now is to follow instructions. Often, soldiers (and other military personnel) fall into this category and we all know how they can suffer.

We may ruffle a few feathers if we do start to follow our own sense of what we should do, but does that really matter? A lack of tolerance by our loved ones doesn’t show a lot of love. Rather they are saying their love is conditional, rather than the supreme aim of unconditional love. That’s not Love.

I suggest, and many masters have always taught this, that we need to follow who we are, if we want to improve our health. Compromise is one thing. Selling yourself short is a different matter entirely.

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