This page is for various links to other natural health care you may find helpful. It also contains various links to the research in homeopathy.


For natural contraceptive and pregnancy planning methods, check out Natural Cycles, The Australian Council for Natural Family Planning and The Billings Ovulation Method.

For natural alternatives to menstrual pads and tampons, check out menstrual cups such as the Moon Cup

For natural birthing, check out natural midwives and doulas such as Mamma Primitiva and Birthing International.


Immunisation Options For Parents – a Course

Isaac Golden, PhD, has developed this course specifically for parents who want to learn about alternatives to conventional vaccinations.

This is a course designed for parents who genuinely care about the health of their children, and who are prepared to take the time to carefully examine health options, and not just rely on being directed by health authorities.

Dog Behaviour

I consider Jan Fennell as a wonderful example of how to have an easy and harmonious relationship with DOG, without yelling, yanking or any other cruel device.

Horse Training

To train a horse (and you) in this method, exemplifies the ultimate experience of horse/human relationships. Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling.

Spiritual, Evolution, Growth

Perhaps these books offer the best hope forward for you to grow, to evolve in a responsible and sustainable way that solves all your problems, as well as those of everyone who embraces them.The Ringing Cedars Series – Australian website, US website.

Daily OM offers you daily inspirational advice.


Soap nuts offer an allergy safe alternative to washing powder. They come from trees, so are environmentally friendly. To boot, they are much kinder on your washing machine than is washing powder. I have been using them for years and have no complaints. Soap in a nutshell – Australian website, or search online.

Land Management

Permaculture is a fantastic way to maximise the use of any piece of land, while honouring the environment.  Check out Geoff Lawton’s videos for inspiration to grow your own food, wherever you are, however much land you have at your disposal.

And if you have a farm or small holding, you may be interested in  Natural Sequence Farming. This is a form of farming that works very well in Australian landscape, utilising the way of the land. Small scale adoption of this method is still possible.

Research in Homeopathy

Here are some helpful website links on research articles in homeopathy.
Please note, I don’t necessarily agree with everything on the websites.

The Australian Homeopathic Association Website

The Extraordinary Medicine Website

The Homeopathy Research Institute website

The British Homeopathic Association page

The National Center For Homeopathy Research page

The Society of Homeopaths – Britain page

The Faculty of Homeopathy Research page

Hpathy’s Research in Homoeopathy list

The European Committee For Homeopathy Research page