To help me more accurately prescribe a suitable homeopathic treatment, please select the appropriate questionnaire (or the one I have asked you to) and email it back to me before the consultation. In the general questionnaires, there are three different formats to allow for different computer systems. If you can’t attach it to an email, please copy and paste it in the contents of the email.

If you use the .pdf, then you may have to print them out, fill them in, then scan them to attach to an email. You may also be able to edit them using Adobe Acrobat. If these measures don’t work, please just list those areas that are relevant to you, in an email. Please don’t photograph them on your phone and send these. They are very difficult to read.

Please take your time and be as accurate and honest as you can.


Adolescent questionnaire.docx

Adolescent questionnaire


Adult questionnaire.docx

Adult questionnaire.txt


Child questionnaire.docx

Child questionnaire.txt


Cat or Dog questionnaire.docx

Cat or Dog questionnaire.txt


HF Checklist for Complaint 

HF Checklist for Perception, ADD/ADHD, etc

Cat or Dog Stomatitis.docx

Cat or Dog Stomatitis.txt

Cat or Dog Kidney.docx

Cat or Dog Kidney.txt