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A New Way To Think About Health

Discover how easy it is to establish and maintain vibrant health, in all family members

Diet, lifestyle and healthcare all play critical roles in everyone's health. Discover the best approaches to restore health and maintain it effortlessly.



Providing the body with the essential nutrients to support vibrant health is one of the most important aspects in health care. And it's all in your hands!

Life Style

Loving life, enjoying what you do, harmonious relationships, invigorating exercise, sound sleep, quality time in Nature can all be achieved!

Health Care

As energy beings, you need energy medicine. Energy medicine considers the whole of you, rather than singling out parts. Enter holistic health! 

Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathy is a complete holistic health care medicine. It is a non-invasive, energetic system that gently restores your immune system to its rightful and optimal level. Homeopathic treatment can:

restore your physical health
restore your mental health
balance your energy
relax you into a sound night's sleep
and so much more!

What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a natural and complete (whole person or holistic) form of treatment. It works by understanding the cause of your malady or by your unique symptoms, or both, and by restoring balance and harmony.....

Baby Health Care

baby health carer

The start of life has a huge impact on the rest of life. New parents can be at a loss to know what to do. Following are some suggestions and others you can follow with confidence.

Animal Health Care

animal health care

Those of us lucky enough to share our lives with an animal or three are usually concerned about good animal health care What is it and how do you achieve it?

There are many different views on this important subject. Some are.....

Free Floating Anxiety With Holistic Solutions

Free floating anxiety is a common condition that is badly misunderstood and mismanaged by the medical industry. The definition of free-floating anxiety, by psychologists and psychiatrists alike, is a chronic state...

What Others Say

Two Year Old Chooses Homeopathy

My 2 year old daughter comes to me and says "come" holds out her hand for me and takes me to my room and opens up the cupboard and points up to where i store my homeopathic remedies.

She then puts her tongue out and points saying "pwease"....

A Remarkable System Of Medicine

A remarkable system of accessible healing for the whole family, both people and animals. Our lives are healthy, fulfilled and brilliant thanks to the generous knowledge and care Madeleine offers.
A healthy pregnancy, newborn and children up to aged 6 years that have never experienced....

Spiritual Self Discovery

I would like to share my homeopathic journey with you, I am 64 year old female. I have been seeing Madeleine for about three years now as I felt that there was no were else for me to go with my physical and mental problems. I started to see Madeleine....

Frequently asked questions


How long have ! been in practice?

I qualified in 2000 and have been in full time practice ever since.

Who are my patients?

I treat a wide variety of people, of all ages, with any condition, be it physical, emotional or mental. I also treat animals. Many of my patients are women with hormonal issues. I am currently experimenting with treating my own plants with homeopathy, with very promising results.

What experience do I have for your condition?

Homeopaths don’t treat diseases or conditions per se. We treat those who have a health condition. It's an imbalance within. Although subtle, this makes a world of difference.

What happens if you have a condition that I have never treated before?

As with the above question, this makes no difference to the outcome you can expect, as I work with you as a person, not your condition or disease.

How am I different from other health practitioners?

I spend time, listening to your story and asking you about key areas. I invest heavily in my on-going education, far more than I am obliged to. I love homeopathy and I love to help make the world a better place, one person (or animal) at a time.

What type of personality is this not going to work for?

I have discovered that those people who don’t get good results from working with me tend to want instant results and don’t have the patience to work through problems as they arise. If you consider yourself to be like this, then I may not be the best person to help you. Although homeopathic treatment can be extremely fast in acute cases, more time is needed for chronic cases, so if you want a silver bullet, you may be disappointed!

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