madeleine innocentHello! My name is Madeleine Innocent. My life’s journey, like many, has followed a winding, twisting road.

I see things differently from many. I wander from the conventional path. I take my inspiration from all things natural.

Nature is so patient, so timeless, so harmonious, so eloquent in the way she does things. Nature has no ego, no agenda. She has perfected everything. All we have to do is to re-learn to think the way she does. Why try (and inevitably fail abysmally) to reinvent the wheel?

In my life and in my work I endeavour to follow natural laws, to go with the flow. You cannot change anything without first examining the root cause of the problem. This is the only way any lasting progress can be made.

I derive enormous pleasure in helping people reach their full potential, using the most appropriate techniques for them. I derive great pleasure in guiding people to make the best choices for their animal companions, and so to reach harmony for the whole family. We all have a unique, personal and important role to play and I feel solid in this, my role.

I first came across homeopathy years ago when one of my cats suffered bad eczema. Over several years, my vet tried various different drugs, and although the eczema improved under one of them, it came with a serious side effect. A normally placid and happy cat, she became angry and aggressive.

So I stopped all treatment, feeling the eczema bothered me more that it did her.

Talking about it to a new friend one day, she suggested I tried homeopathy. Not knowing anything about it, but willing to try, I contacted the homeopathic vet she suggested. He supplied me with the treatment. Within a week, the eczema had vanished. And there were no side effects! And it didn’t return!

This was George MacCleod, the well known British vet who used homoeopathy exclusively after he discovered the benefits it gave to his own health. He was happy to replace the veterinary side with a much more effective modality of health care.

The treatment was little short of astounding in its complete effectiveness, the speed and the total lack of side effects. I didn’t even know there was such a health care system available!

Later on in my life, I decided to study homoeopathy, really to treat myself and my family. As I got into it however, I thought I just can’t keep this to myself. I must offer this to others. And so I became a practitioner.

I offer you access to this astoundingly effective, rapid and totally safe method of healing.

AHAI trained as a homoeopath with the Australasian College of membership_AROHHahnemannian Homoeopathy in Victoria and graduated with a Diploma in Homoeopathy in 2000, the highest level of qualification at the time.

I have been in full time practice ever since, as a consultant homoeopath. I have been involved in teaching homeopathy at two colleges and in creating and teaching home prescribing courses.

I am a professional member of the Australian Register of Homoeopaths and the Australian Homoeopathic Association. I have been active on the committee of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Homoeopathic Association, being the secretary and later the president, for many years.

At about the same time I was learning about the enormous benefits in feeding cats and dogs a natural diet (and the enormous harm commercial pet food has on their health). Naturally, this later extended to the human diet.

Diet is critical to everyone’s health. Look at it in the same way you fuel you car. The wrong fuel can stop the engine, possibly damage it badly. The same goes for food. No-one’s body can do its job if you don’t supply it with the right ‘fuel’.

The combination of the right food and the beautiful, energetic modality of health care homeopathy is, I believe, unsurpassed. Your whole health can be revitalised, resolving problems other health care modalities only dream about.

I invite you to contact me, to discuss your struggles and what I can do for you.

I offer you a complimentary report on ‘Seven Serious Health Problems Resolved Easily Without Medication‘. Check for details at the top right of this page.