Can homeopathy help you and your family? Can animals be treated successfully with homeopathy? What ailments, diseases and/or health problems can it help restore? Can it help with acute problems such as a cold, the flu, period pain or a fever? Can it deal with chronic disease such as heart related problems, arthritis or damaged organs?


What Is Disease?

A medical diagnosis for a condition, although common in today’s world, does limit your understanding and your beliefs. For example, a headache or fever is almost always treated medically with analgaesics. A diagnosis of cancer tends to limit people to thinking they will die in a short time.

A medical diagnosis is a very blinkered view of looking at any health issue. It is used because it makes life a lot easier for doctors and veterinarians, as once a diagnosis is made, they only have a handful of medications to consider. This means a consultation can take just a few minutes.

However, health is much more complicated than that. Your whole life, all your life experiences, your childhood, your diet, any big impacts will all shape who you are. It is impossible to condense your life into the 5 – 10 minutes a doctor or vet typically gives you.

It’s not their fault. This is how they have been trained.

But there are better ways.

How Does Homeopathy Look at Disease?

Homeopathy is a complete and natural form of health care that always looks for the origin, or cause, of the current problem. For example, if someone experienced a life threatening situation, such as a serious car accident, they may still be in the shock of the situation, even years later. They may or may not have been injured. The shock can remain in the form of high blood pressure, palpitations, profuse sweating and a very anxious state.

Not everyone or every condition can be traced back to a single incident as a cause. When we adopt an animal, we often have no idea of their trauma history, or if they even had one. Many people can inherit problems their parents or other family members have. This is not uncommon, but in my view, the explanation is much more simple than your fixed genetic codes or DNA. And are eminently fixable.

Although I believe diet to be extremely important in maintaining good health, as well as to repairing poor health, I am constantly amazed at how good homeopathic treatment can cut through even this, to restore health. However, I have discovered that diets of animals are one of the main causes of their ill health. Change that and everything can start to come good.

Your Body Is Already Perfect and Capable of Healing You

Natural health care practitioners are trained to appreciate that our bodies are already perfect. That we already have incredible abilities to restore health and to prevent ill health, but that something stops us from this very natural process. If you like, a blockage is created.

Going back to the example of shock, this can be the blockage. It isn’t really, it’s just that the symptoms are misunderstood. Your body is exhibiting the symptoms of shock, telling those who understand this, that this must be treated before anything else. This is the priority.

Homeopathy deals with whatever you are currently experiencing or exhibiting. If it’s shock, when this is addressed, the blood pressure automatically comes back to normal, the palpitations disappear along with the abnormal sweating and the anxiety. Good homeopathic treatment doesn’t look at your high blood pressure separately from the anxiety or the palpitations. It’s all you.

Balance and order are restored to how you were before the accident. And sometimes that is enough. That was all you needed. Other times, there may already have been an established problem that was masked under the more intense shock symptoms. Now these symptoms are able to return, to be addressed.

So How Can Homeopathy Help You?

In short, there are no conditions that homeopathy can’t treat. And there are no patients it can’t treat as animals and even plants respond well. That doesn’t mean that you will never die. Rather that the potential is there for an active, healthy life right up to the end.

And in fairness, sometimes medical diagnosis can be useful even to homeopaths, possibly invaluable, but in chronic disease especially it can limit your thinking and beliefs.

Appreciate that your body (as is everyones) is already perfectly capable of healing itself given the right circumstances.

The current symptoms your body is exhibiting gives a knowledgeable practitioner the information necessary to restore order.

You are a whole person rather than a collection of separate parts and systems.

Homeopathy can help with any physical problem as well as any mental problem. It can help everyone, animals included, with any condition. Yes, there are times when all it can do is to palliate as your health has declined too far. But even here many have been pulled back from ‘the brink of death’ as it were.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I may be able to help you.

Take Ailments Seriously – Give Them The Consideration They Deserve

People often approach me (and I’m sure every other holistic healer, too) for an herbal or similar recommended natural solution for a health problem in their lives or that of a loved one.

What they are really asking for is a quick fix.

They have started on the right path of looking for something that won’t harm them or their loved one. But it stops there.

What they never ask is ‘what caused this?’

What causes health problems is far more valuable to know and understand than asking for a quick fix. Once you understand what caused the problem, simply addressing that can be the cure in itself. Or a large or important part of it.

Of equal importance, that is never considered in searching for a quick fix, is that you need to consider all aspects of that being’s life – the diet, the environment, the treatment to date, and much more. It’s not quick. Everything has an influence.

Plus, the body is always trying to deal with what’s going on.

I do understand that people want help. And many want it free of charge. However, this approach is not going to help them much. They’re not giving it the consideration that it deserves.

Changing a mindset takes time.

Nothing is more important than health.

The current medical mindset has invaded the world, but it isn’t serving its needs. Look at the escalating chronic diseases.

The medical model manages disease.

Holistic health care restores health.holistic health

There is a world of difference.

It’s always your choice, but try to make an informed choice.

And don’t shortchange yourself by looking for quick fixes or questionable advice which may be cheap or free, but without substance. It won’t serve you, or your loved one, in the long run.