You can get rid of the flu fast when you employ ways that support your body. The only way that does that is the natural approach. Your body knows how to deal with natural substances. But it has a hard time dealing with unnatural substances, ie drugs.

When you come down with the flu, it shows that your body’s immune system is struggling. So it’s a good time to take stock of what’s going on in your life.

There are so many factors that go into keeping you healthy, it can be complicated. What I can do here is to outline some of the major areas that may benefit you to reflect on.

Step 1

Diet has an enormous influence on our health. Probably 99.999% of the population eat badly. Even when they avoid junk food. The common western diet is full of flaws perpetuated by industry. Most of the food is non-nutritious. Most of the food is also toxic. Add the two together and it’s a miracle most people are still alive, let alone functioning.

So one of the ways to get rid of the flu fast is to supply your body with the nutrients that support a healthy immune system. That is fresh fruit and vegetables. Freshly home squeezed juices are fine, but smoothies are better. Eat whatever takes your fancy in this area. And plenty of it.

You can get ongoing help in this area, as well as recipes, here.

Step 2

Get some rest! If your immune system is down, then it is highly likely you are sleep deprived. Or over stressed. Or both. Whatever the reason, try to switch off for at least a day, depending on the severity. A lack of just a days rest now may mean a week off later.

The world will survive without you or your contributions! Do what you have to do at home, if there is no one else to do it (feeding your animals is kinda important). Then rest.

Take to your bed if you can. If you can’t, then rest on a couch. If the weather is clement, get outside to rest. Direct sunlight, in the right proportions for your skin type, is magically healing. As is direct contact with Mother Earth. Not to mention fresh air.

Try not to engage with social media or television or movies. They are stimulants. You need to slow down, switch off and REST!

Step 3

get rid of the flu fast

If you are already seeing a homeopath, ring them up and tell them what’s going on.

If you are not seeing a homeopath, then now is a good time to consider finding one. Even if you don’t feel up to doing that right now, just in case this goes on longer than a day or two, have it on your mind.

Then when you are feeling better, find one. Especially if you get the flu regularly. Or any other condition. Or have a chronic condition. Good homeopathic treatment supports a healthy immune system. It works WITH the body, not against it, as drugs do.

With drugs you have to get over the condition, then the effect of the drugs. Which is one reason homeopathy helps you get rid of the flu fast, faster than any other way.

Can’t Resist a Fourth Step…

The above points aside, what is making your immune system so compromised?

  • Are you in a job you hate?
  • Are you in an abusive or incompatible relationship?
  • Do you live in an unhealthy environment?
  • Do you get enough exercise?

All these points are really important. When you are worried, anxious, fearful, overly or constantly stressed, you’ll never be well. They all contribute to your well being.

Consider what needs to be done to make life more harmonious, more joyful, more free. Make that a priority to set in motion once you feel better. That may take a while to achieve, but start now.

There is always a silver lining in every cloud. Discovering ways to get rid of the flu fast may start you on a journey to make your life so much better, so much healthier.

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Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues, often serious, and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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