Homeopathy – The Natural Choice in Medicine

My aim is to help people and animals achieve vibrant health by empowering you with natural choices.

Most of my work is about fascillitating your healing from chronic disease. We do this together is a mindful way, integrating the whole of you. I also work with people who don’t have an ailment as such, but who wish to bring together, or merge, the fragmented parts of themselves – their spirit, their mind, their soul, with their body.

What is Disease?
The definition of disease varies according to the modality of health care, as well as the person who understands and describes it. Which means that it is not necessarily a fixed pre-determined reality.

what is diseaseIn holistic medicine, in particular in homeopathy, disease is viewed as an imbalance. We all have an inherent ability to heal ourselves. This ability comes from a healthy immune system. This is always at work, preventing entry of pathogens and dealing effectively with those that do manage to gain entry.

However, sometimes the immune system is dealt a blow and it is knocked off balance. This means it can’t do its normal job, so disease occurs, pathology develops. Conditions which deal your immunity a blow can be emotional, mental or physical.

Emotional Traumas
An emotional blow could be a severe fright, shock or grief. A healthy person will be able to process this emotional trauma in time and get back to health. A person with an already compromised immune system may not be able to. They may remain stuck in this trauma all their lives or until they receive deep healing. PTSD is an example of this.

Physical Traumas
A physical blow could be from a severe accident or trauma that you never truly recover from. An example of this is the development of arthritis in a previously injured joint.

There are other reasons why your immune system may not running at its full capacity. The right diet is essential. You would never attempt to put the wrong fuel in your car, yet most people put the wrong food in their mouths every day. I’m not just talking about junk food. I’m talking about species-specific food which most know nothing about. The wrong food will never provide you with the right nutrients in the right amounts for your immune system to work well.

Another reason could be toxicity. The last hundred years has seen the development of thousands of new chemicals. Chemicals which are toxic to the body as they cannot be excreted at the rate they are ingested, or maybe not at all. They are everywhere, but particularly in the food that is produced. Agribusiness is not concerned about the toxic levels in the people who consume the food.

Another area of toxicity is in medical drugs. All medical drugs are or contain toxic chemicals. None support a healthy immune system as they are designed to suppress your symptoms. Vaccines contain highly toxic and questionable ingredients at levels far higher than anyone considers safe in any other areas, such as drinking water. Suppressing the immune system can seem to give immediate amelioration, but in time other, more serious problems arise. An example of this is that cortisone (or any steroid) can lead to Cushing’s syndrome/disease.

And then there are the inherited problems that our ancestors weren’t able to heal. These problems may mutate or evolve through the following generations into something that most health care modalities don’t connect. For example, lead poisoning a few generations back can lead to a neurological disease such as Parkinson’s.

Having painted a rather bleak and worrying picture, what can you do?

What is Holistic Health?
Holistic health can be defined as that which considers you as a whole person. Everything about you affects every other part. Any problem anywhere has an effect on every other part. If you have, say, a heart condition, then you cannot separate that from any other ailment you have.

This is one reason why you won’t find many specialists in holistic health practitioners. And why an holistic practitioner may have no previous experience with your particular problem, but restores your health completely.

Chiropractic, osteopathy, bowen, naturopathy, herbalism and a host of other holistic health care modalities all have their own way of treating you as a whole person.

What is Homeopathy?
homeopathic treatmentHomeopathic treatment is a hands-off treatment. The treatment entails a lengthy verbal interaction so the homeopathic practitioner can elucidate all the important areas where your health was compromised. And what the causes were. A medical homeopath may or may not examine you. As a lay homeopath, I don’t.

Then the most appropriate oral homeopathic remedy (usually one, but more can be used) is selected based on your history, your current symptoms and how you react to them. Which can be very personal.

The homeopathic remedy works by removing the trauma/s that have affected your immunity. Once your immune system is restored to a working capacity (may not need to be fully restored), it takes over and starts to heal you.

Several doses may be needed, even daily doses, depending on you, your condition, how long you have had it, what other modalities of health care have been used, as well as a host of other reasons.

So called incurable diseases can disappear. Vaccine injuries can be reversed. Inherited problems can melt away. Toxins can be removed. All because you now have a healthy and naturally working immunity.

Don’t Animals and People Need Different Treatments?
The fact that most of us can’t communicate with animals doesn’t mean to say they are any different from us. In fact, they have the same emotional responses we have to certain triggers, the same responses to a poor diet, to toxicity, to genetics, to stress, to a lack of respect. This means that the same homeopathic treatment, the same homeopathic remedies will have the same effect.

Treating animals can be a lot easier than treating people as animals aren’t as complicated as people. They don’t care about class or appearance. They don’t try to cover up their true selves. They care about authenticity. They feel more than they think.

Animals can also be harder than people to treat as we can’t talk to them in the same way. So homeopaths have to learn different strategies to treat animals.

Animals are very generous and supportive. Many pets take on the problems of their humans, to help us shoulder the burden. If your pet is sick, look at yourself or other family members. This is where many problems lie.

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(We) are living in a time when the great potential of many brilliant individuals is suppressed. …people are stricken with disease, war, famine and suffering on a level that rivals anything in (our) historial past. All (our) true genuises who develop the means for holistic health and a global abundance of food are persecuted, ridiculed, restrained and controlled by rampant corporate greed and consensus reality. However, as always, the greater the suppression, the greater the resulting explosion (explosive upheaval in consciousness).
Michael J Roads