Immunising The Natural Way

There are other options to orthodox vaccination. Homoeopathic treatment is a wonderful healing system of medicine. This means you can wait for symptoms to appear before seeking treatment. However, many people feel under pressure to do something, especially for a child. So another approach is homoeopathic immunisation (homeoprophylaxis or HP).

Homeoprophylaxis works by stimulating the immune system. This is the opposite effect of vaccination, which suppresses it. HP is taken in the same way that any homeopathic remedy is taken – orally. This is the exact same way that natural immunity occurs.

Whilst no method is 100% effective, research has found that homeoprophylaxis nosodes give an average efficacy of 88.8%, well within those claimed by conventional vaccines (75 – 95%). The remedies are oral, have no side effects and do not contribute to any health issues.

Occasionally, there can be a reaction to a remedy. These reactions are NOT toxic reactions, but represent a clearing effect. Typically, they are mild and short lasting.

The programme I offer for children is based on that which Isaac Golden PhD researched. His website is very informative for research details on HP – Natural Immunisation Research. He is probably the only person who has a PhD on the subject, in the world.

For parents who would like to know more about weighing up the best method of protection for their child, you may like to invest in this excellent course, Immunisation Options For Parents. Please note, I am not affiliated with this course in any way.

This article explores HP, explaining how it works.

I also base my animal programmes on Dr Isaac Golden’s method.

More and more boarding kennels and catteries are accepting HP. Often, boarding kennels are also breeders so have first hand experience of vaccine damage. They often find that the incidence of disease amongst their boarders significantly decreases when on the HP programme.

Please contact me if would like to know more about HP or if you would like to purchase the remedies.

Please note that I don’t necessarily agree with everything that is said in the above links, but they do give you food for thought, as you explore your options.