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This is my blog with articles on many health issues for you to explore

Natural Cat Health

The veterinary industry badly misunderstands cats and their needs. They recommend totally inappropriate food and fail to appreciate the very sensitive nature of cats and how drugs adversely affect them. This website explains the differences between humans and cats and why you can’t offer natural human health options to cats.

It’s easy to understand cats needs to keep them naturally healthy, when you understand cats!

Natural Dog Health

The terrible food options most vets recommend for dogs damage their health and lead to serious diseases unheard of in Nature. Dogs as a species have specific needs to keep them naturally healthy. Find out what these are here.

Natural Pain Management

People like to put their health conditions into different boxes. Although this doesn’t work as far as the natural restoration of health is concerned, I have tried to focus on pain, a very common affliction, on this website; where it comes from and what natural and holistic options you have.

Natural Horse Health

Whilst I love horses, this site in more a labour of love. I have treated many horses successfully, so I am loath to give this one away!

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

Eating the right food for our species is one of the healthiest changes you can make for your health. We all know about putting the wrong fuel in our car, but don’t make the same assumptions for our own health, to our detriment. Whilst there are many, many people out there all trying to persuade you to the ‘right’ diet, few, if any, have any science behind their claims.