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Homeopathic Research

Perfect Sight Without Glasses

William Bates (1860 - 1931) was a pioneer in eye health. His methods are as revolutionary today as they were 100 years ago.


I recommend you check out structured water, which is the 4th phase of water. Gerald Pollack has written a book on the subject.

Healthy Supplements


The real supplements are made from nutrient dense food. One of the best examples of this is algae. 

Algae is an aquatic plant. It takes up the nutrients in the water. But it also takes up the toxins in the water. So your source of algae needs to be clean and naturally healthy with naturally occurring minerals and other nutrients.

One of the best places I found for this is the upper level of Lake Klamath in Oregon, USA where mineral rich spring water feeds into the lake. Power Organics harvest this algae carefully, to retain the nutrients.

Three Springs Farm in Australia grows certified organic turmeric.

The cheap supplements are those that are synthetic and made in a laboratory, often from petro chemicals. By no stretch of the imagination can they be called food.

Interesting Homeopathic Reading

Our Precious Children

Present Child is a way to translate what your child is telling you on a soul level. It translates what parents cannot understand. This 30 minute video speaks volumes, taking you back to why and how it was created.

I suggest a must for all parents!

Films on Homeopathy

just one drop
magic pills

Healthy Human Diets

T Colin Campbell is at the forefront of dietary research

Fork Over Knives offers recipes and testimonials

Pamela Popper is a mine of information

Michael Gregor has an awesome website of Nutritional Facts

Sharan is an Indian website, so has delicious recipes

Dean Ornish has been sharing dietary information for decades

Michael Klaper now teaches medical students on diet

Douglas Graham teaches the best diets for sports

PCRM is a collection of MDs supporting responsibility in medicine

John McDougall shares his findings on the best diet for health

Mastering Diabetes for both type 1 and 2

Do your own search for Caldwell Esselstyn cardiologist

Food Revolution does regular summits on health

Food Matters offers online learning

The Brain Docs for dementia and alzheimers
The Real Truth About Health on youtube has an amazing array of genuine speakers on health
Chris Wark of ChrisBeatCancer helps others do the same.

For Farmers

Whole Health Agriculture is a small not-for-profit organisation  providing information, education, and support to farmers seeking alternatives to synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, and artificial interventions.

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