This page aims to give you helpful website links to various topics, from research articles on homeopathy to healthy products.
Please note, I don’t necessarily agree with everything on the websites.

Interesting Reading
Fifty Reasons For Being a Homeopath

Homeopathic Research
The Homeopathic Research Institute
The Australian Homoeopathic Association
The Extraordinary Medicine
The British Homeopathic Association
The National Center For Homeopathy Research
The Society of Homeopaths Research
The Faculty of Homeopathy Research
Hpathy’s Research in Homoeopathy

Other Areas of Health
The Buteyko Method of Breathing – for asthma, snoring, mouth breathers and more
Institute For Scientific Freedom
Perth Fluoride Free

Healthy Products
Australian, organic turmeric – Three Springs Farm
Structured water energises as well as purifies water. See Greenfield Naturals for more information.