Cat as A Powerful Teacher

Ralph(now 16) is one amazing cat; his reactions are now slowly disappearing, and he has been eating constantly for a couple of weeks.
He’s staying out longer, more affectionate than ever and sleeps happily with us at night. When he is under the covers, he looks so peaceful and content with himself it makes me smile at how far we have come.

You have always been our rock no matter how bad the situation, when Ralph was weeks without eating, slipping away from us , you were there, guiding us through it. When the vets told us that this was an incurable disease you assured us that it wasn’t. It took us a little longer then most because Ralph adopted parents that had very little knowledge of what the universe was capable of. Luckily, he was very patient and guided us through the start of a slow but powerful learning curve that eventually opened up to Ralph becoming our teacher in life. We were always happy people however our health was always an issue for both of us. With your newsletters, books, and advice another world opened up that we couldn’t have believed possible. From two obese 50 years old to now running our own fitness business ,it all started with the kindness you showed us from the start.
We started out to save the life of a 12year old rescued cat that in turned saved us.
Thank you soon much, you’re so amazing 😊

Christa and Jeremy De Silva

Two Year Old Chooses Homeopathy

My 2 year old daughter comes to me and says “come” holds out her hand for me and takes me to my room and opens up the cupboard and points up to where i store my homeopathic remedies. She then puts her tongue out and points saying “pwease”. I ask “does she want her medicine” and she nods and says ” yes pwease” so she definitely knows when she needs her homeopathic medicine.


Comparing Dog Bites

I have two dogs, and sometimes they fight. A few weeks ago, Gabi came out of the fight with a bite on her leg. She was in pain for a day or so, and then proceeded to lick the wound persistently. This made matters worse, so I fashioned a collar for her. After two weeks of trying to get her not to lick the wound, finally the wound healed over. Then a couple of days ago, the dogs had another fight. This time, Gabi ended up with an injured foot pad, which dripped a couple of drops of blood. My homeopath suggested remedies for Gabi and suggested that I let Gabi freely lick her wound. Within 24 hours Gabi was fine.

Crushed Finger

I began consulting Madeleine after reading an article she wrote about reversing the effects of vaccinations. Over the years, I have had far too many vaccinations during my world travel as a Flight Attendant and had concerns of the inherent health risk and side effect it had on my body and general well being.

Within two months of consultation, Madeleine’s homeopathic remedies had made such a profound change in my overall mood and well being that it even changed my menstrual cycle. Shortly after my third consult, I had my finger tip traumatically amputated when a sash window that wasn’t fastened came crashing down and severe 2cms off my middle finger. Even though I was rushed into hospital within 15 minutes of the accident, the Plastic Surgeon was not able to re-attach my finger tip due to the extensive damage on the blood vessels and bone fractures.

During my emergency treatment in triage the doctor had administered Tetanus vaccine even though I had told him I didn’t want one as I’ve already had Tetanus and was 5 years into my vaccination, knowing that it lasted for a period of 10years. He insisted that it was his duty of care to administer the necessary vaccine and did it against my will. All I could think off when he was injecting me was of Madeleine as I knew she would be able to heal me from more unknown toxins.

Upon discharge from the hospital, I immediately rang Madeleine to inform her of what had happened and she asked if I could come in to see her first thing in the morning. I knew in my heart that she was genuinely concern for my well being and that she had REAL remedies to help me heal. I threw away all the Antibiotics and Paracetamol that I was given upon discharge and knew it would do me more harm than good. I was given 2 Arnica pills when I first arrived at Madeleine’s clinic and the excruciating throbbing that I was feeling at my amputated finger became milder. 2 more pills given within a 5minute interval and I could now focus on what she was saying clearer as my mind was only concentrating on the pain since having surgery and leaving hospital less than 17hours ago. Madeleine also explained in detail the different types of pain that I would be experiencing and dispensed Hypericum and Symphytum accordingly. It was with these 3 remarkable homeopathic remedies that started my healing process and pain management. Two weeks later, I returned to the hospital for another dressing change and my Plastic Surgeon and the nurse commented that the wound looks better than expected and were amazed at how quickly I was healing!!

My amazing recovery in such a short space of time is due to Madeleine’s extensive knowledge, kind nature and genuine care for all her patients.
Throughout my entire ordeal, Madeleine was always only a phone call away which was very reassuring and I was able to discuss anything I was going thru with her. She has helped me deal with my physical and emotional loss of my finger tip, my grieving and acceptance process all made easier with her presence

I am truly blessed to have come across Madeleine and Homeopathy as I had never contemplated this modality of treatment for such a severe and traumatic accident but am now a convert and can truly attest to the healing properties of Homeopathy, it really works like Magic!!
Eternally grateful, SONYA

A remarkable system of accessible healing for the whole family, both people and animals. Our lives are healthy, fulfilled and brilliant thanks to the generous knowledge and care Madeleine offers. A healthy pregnancy, newborn and children up to aged 6 years that have never experienced antibiotics or implications from vaccines thanks to homoeopathy and homoeopathic immunisation. We are very grateful and joyous for Madeleine’s love of helping others to receive wellness instead of acceptance of illness in their life. This has been our celebration in treating eczema, anxiety, fissures, thrush, varicose veins, food allergies, digestion problems, aches/sprains, teeth complaints with babies etc. Thankyou.
With love and gratitude, HAMISH ANS SARAH

Doctors Couldn’t Help Me

My name is Marie and my husband Brian and our three children have been using homeopathy for the last eleven years. It has been the best decision we have ever made in our lives for our family.

Eleven years ago after going through a physical and emotional trauma and living on a farm, being constantly on the go with three young children, I started feeling unwell.

My body was in pain. I felt that I was losing control of my life. I was constantly anxious. My stomach burned every time I ate anything. I felt like I was being cut inside by a scissors and my weight was dropping very fast. This made me more anxious.

I went from one doctor to another. They sent me for x-rays and scans on my liver and kidneys but everything came up clear.

At one particular doctor’s appointment, one on which my husband accompanied me, the doctor referred to me as “She”, right through the entire consultation and spoke about me across the top of my head to my husband and did not include me in the conversation. It was humiliating. (Even though he could not work out what the problem was he should still have treated me as a human being and not as an object.) Before leaving the surgery the doctor suggested to my husband that I should have an endoscopy to find out what was causing the burning in my stomach. An appointment was made for the following week on the Friday.

While picking my children up from school that day one of the mothers asked me how I was. I guess she could see that I didn’t look well. I answered her by saying that I didn’t feel well, I was losing weight and the doctors haven’t been able to help me. The mother said (and I remember this well because it gave me hope) “You should go and see my doctor, she will help you.” When I asked her who her doctor is, she told me it was Madeline her homeopath.

I managed to get an appointment with Madeline for the following Monday morning. The day couldn’t come quick enough for me as I felt that I had hit a brick wall and I didn’t know where or whom to turn to. I felt thinner everyday and felt that I wouldn’t make it to the end of the following week. Everyone around me was constantly at me about my weight loss. Nobody understood that I couldn’t stop what was happening. It was so extreme that I felt that I would not survive past Friday 3.oopm.

Monday morning finally came around and I met Madeline for the first time, and for the first time I had found someone who actually understood what was going on. Madeline’s consultation was at least an hour and a half. I was made to feel that every bit of information I could give her about myself was valued and vital. During the doctor’s consultations I was in and out within ten minutes.

Madeline was able to help me with a remedy. I had the first dose of the remedy while I was having my consultation. Within about twenty minutes I started to feel relaxed.

I took my remedy home with me and never let it out of my sight. Every time I felt swamped by my anxiety I’d have a dose of my remedy. I was also able to keep in touch with Madeline by phone if I needed to ask any questions along the way. By Thursday, my fourth day, the burning in my stomach had stopped. I was able to eat and I cancelled the endoscopy which was scheduled for the Friday.

Over time I understood that my mental state was affected by traumas in my life causing devastating effects on my physical body. No doctor saw that.

Ever since that day my family and I have always had Madeline as our medic. Homeopathy has been the best way to go for our family. My children always ask me to take them to see Madeline if they are not feeling well as they know that homeopathy helps them get well.

Self Prescribing

The Helios Homeopathy basic remedies case has been the best investment. It contains 36 remedies and I now look for a remedy before I consider going to the chemist.
I took it when I went overseas as it contains remedies for food poisoning, coughs, colds, exhaustion/jet lag, well for just about every eventuality you would need in one small case. The stalwart arnica was there and helped joint stiffness after sitting so long in the plane.
thanks so much.

Dog Behavioural Issues

I recently homed a rescue dog, after my beloved Gt Dane passed over, to be a companion for my other dog, Rosa. Shimmer, as I named him, was very nervous, anxious, had a tendency to jump up, yet wanted very much to please. I was only able to spend one day with him and Rosa because of my commitments outside home. As the days passed, Shimmer became more rambunctious and – most probably – insecure from my being away all day when he had been used to someone in the home most of the time with his previous foster carer. Upon my return home on a day that had become gradually stormier, Shimmer was beside himself, virtually uncontrollable. Not only was he jumping all over me and Rosa, but literally running ‘over’ my two cats (who are dog friendly). They got out of his way, wide-eyed!

When I asked Madeleine for advice, she recommended a remedy. Within moments of him happily accepting it, the most noticeable shift was in my cats! They quickly assumed their usual postures and relaxed. Soon I noticed how much calmer Shimmer had become. What a welcome change! This is another memorable moment after using an appropriate remedy, whether for myself or my beloved furries.

Spiritual Self Discovery

I would like to share my homeopathic journey with you, I am 64 year old female. I have been seeing Madeleine for about three years now as I felt that there was no were else for me to go with my physical and mental problems. I started to see Madeleine with really violent migraines, and depression. As time went on with my homeopathic journey I started to become free from physical and mental problems, I never gave up.  Last week I had an experience with the latest remedy, it felt as though something moved out of my body even though it was a mental shift and I felt for the first time a feeling of freedom, I knew something really big had shifted.  This is a journey of spiritual self discovery and homeopathic helps on all levels.
I feel very grateful…….

Child’s Eczema

Our daughter, Kaitlyn’s first outbreak of eczema started at 6 weeks old, when she had weeping sores on both cheeks.  The paediatrician ‘prescribed’ steroid cream and betadine ointment.

She was then due for her 2 month needles, and I put it off due to her having a cold.  Two days later a friend told me she had attended a seminar on the dangers of vaccination for children.  I immediately decided to investigate this further.  We weighed up the pros and cons, and decided to use the homeopathic alternative.

When Kaitlyn started school she developed a rash on the back of her knees, which steadily got worse.  We would not use the steroid cream as we had read of the side effects of this, so tried all sorts of natural alternatives.  I eventually learned how to make my own cream, as I then knew exactly what was in it.

We visited Madeleine as things were getting very bad with the rash and various other emotional difficulties.  After many visits and lots of remedies – I am glad Madeleine keeps a record of them all! – Kaitlyn finally started improving.  We realised that Kaitlyn was suffering from stress induced eczema – how could a 4 year old have so much stress?

I was constantly challenged by health care professionals and acquaintances about using homeopathy and not prescriptions from a doctor, but we felt that homeopathy was the only way to cure Kaitlyn.

It took about 2 years for her moods to stabilise and the rash to go away.  The telling time was when I was very stressed prior to moving overseas, and she was the one comforting me!

Thank you so much for helping Kaitlyn (and the rest of the family).  Anytime there is a health issue, the first thing I look at is the homeopath handbook.  My family seems to recover from illness much faster that their peers!  Thanks.

Healthier Dog

Chikara (a German shepherd) has gotten heaps better, smells better, looks and everything. She is even looking younger and playing more with our new dog. I am very happy about the treatment she received and do recommend you to all our dog friends 🙂

Escape Artist

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I followed my intuition in bringing Rosa to you last week. She didn’t go to the back of my car and huddle in the corner as she did on the way over. That very evening, I could definitely tell the difference in her. She wasn’t fanatical about asking me to play fetch with her and actually went to bed before I did!

Rosa has remained much calmer in every respect, and seems more secure with her new life with us. I left access to the outside on the weekend, when I was out. When I came home a couple of times to check on her, she was apparently sleeping. Even though she’s an escape artist, I feel Rosa wants to be here and won’t attempt to leave. She went outside the gate when I opened it to drive in. As soon as I drove through and called to her, she came running in! I was expecting her to sniff around and take her time, so this was a really good sign.
One week later – Rosa is still doing really well after your session with her. She has cleaned away most of the lumps on her back as well as those at the base of her pelvis where the legs join. I have no concerns about her leaving the property when I’m not here, she has become so secure that this is her home

Dog’s Infection

My introduction to homoeopathy came from my Dalmatian dog. Poppy was born 24/12/00. I bought her at 3 months and she was happy and healthy. Early August 2002, she got this big lump on her head. We just thought she’d been kicked by one of the ponies. She was due for her annual vaccinations that week and the vet agreed it was probably just a blow. But it got bigger and bigger!!

Vet again 2 weeks later – X-rays and a blood test confirmed she had Crytococcus – a fungal disease very rare especially in dogs. Treatment was surgery, antibiotics and pain killers. She wasn’t sick before surgery – she just had a big lump! – but was very sick afterwards – fever, vomiting, constant whining. Her drugs were reduced in half and this helped. The wound oozed for weeks. On advice from specialist vets in Sydney, she was dosed with Sporanox, a drug used in humans with AIDS. Hence very expensive costing over $100 a week.

This was supposed to lower the Cryptococcus in the body – as shown by blood tests. Initially it did, but then stalemate. So next treatment was I/V drugs 3 times a week at great cost and no guarantee it’d work. At this stage I refused as it was far too traumatic for Poppy (and me!). I was told she would develop meningitis as the fungus spread and die within weeks. A friend heard the story and suggested I talk to Madeleine.

So December 2002 Poppy had her consult. She was given a homeopathic remedy. Over the the next weeks, I would bang the bottle as needed and there was Poppy at my feet, often with her tongue out!! Then one day, she didn’t come. Panic! Phoned Madeleine and she said she doesn’t need it anymore – she’s better. And she was and still is!!

Out of interest, we blood tested her 6 months later and found the level of Cryptococcus hadn’t changed. So I have just worked on the principle that her immune system is now strong enough it can control it – so healthy raw food and no more vaccinations and 6 years on she is still very much alive!

Restoration of Health

In 2007 I took our 1 year old Lab Retriever / Kelpie dog Charlie to see Madeleine.  He had been having on-going problems with ear infections and burst ear drums. He wouldn’t allow the Vet to look in his ears and required an anaesthetic to even see what was going on, obviously a distressing and costly exercise.  The intense pain subsided with what I suspect was the healing of the ear drum, but we continued to have a dog that was still in a bit of pain (though not as much as initially), shaking his head a lot and with diminished hearing.  The ear was just not clearing up, although he was still relatively exuberant.

A friend recommended Madeleine and we made an appointment.  In the appointment Charlie was his usual energetic and friendly self (with the behaviour issues of a 1 year old who has had hearing difficulties), but despite that Madeleine was able to witness the impact of the ear infections. Charlie was prescribed some homeopathic remedies to negate the negative effect of his immunisations and to assist with the recovery from the ear infections.  In addition we changed his diet to a Natural Foods Diet, consisting of bones in the morning and grated raw vegetables, lean mince and brown rice / soaked oats in the evening.  Charlie just loved the new diet.

Now, twelve months on, Charlie is a picture of health.  His ears and hearing are perfect, his coat is shiny and healthy looking and his behaviour has settled down remarkably.  He is still a very friendly dog that is interested in everything around him, but the hyperactivity aspect has settled and he is much more obedient and compliant.  All in all, he has a wonderful healthy body and a lovely demeanour.  His hearing is now so good that he hears when I’m grating his vegetables for dinner and gets very excited, trying to jump up high enough to see what’s going on through the kitchen window!

Thanks Madeleine for your guidance in transitioning us to a more healthy way of living for our dog that will bode well for his future years.

Child’s Painful Feet

Twelve year old girl with painful feet
My daughter has always had problems with her feet; they are flat and she was getting a lot of pain with them. So my husband and I decided to get the operation we both thought she needed. They broke both her feet and set them again. She ended up in a wheel chair for about a month and having to learn to walk again. Her appearance was better but the pain was still there. She couldn’t even go for a walk with the dogs, her feet would hurt so much. So I decided to take her to see Madeleine. Now her confidence is brilliant, she sticks up for herself, her school work has improved, she is more confident in herself. She has become a changed girl and her feet don’t hurt anymore.