Food is a highly complex subject we really know little about. 
However, there are SOME important aspects we DO know about.

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eating for health

Independent research and clinical trials show how easy it can be to reverse chronic health and restore vitality. And it can be fast...

The return on the little investment needed can be HUGE - get started at very low cost

It's very easy to implement. All it takes is to be open to new ideas and allow yourself to be gently guided step by easy step...

Problems With The Western Diet

Simply surviving today often necessitates two incomes. This leaves little quality time for family, hobbies and interests or for real meals. The advent of ready prepared meals, often delivered, can lead to poor nutrition. It isn't just the junk food so freely available that's the problem.

Pre-prepared or frozen meals never contain the same nutrition as freshly prepared food. It's only fresh food that contains essentials nutrition for ongoing good health. Many nutrients diminish with processing and storage.

No-one can be healthy when their diet is not supporting their nutritional needs. Few MDs are aware of this and happily prescribe suppressive drugs that may give temporary relief to the immediate symptom, but will lead to further problems, usually in the not too distant future.

What can you do? You have limited time, maybe limited income. You feel you're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Get to know some important key points.

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The Reasons

It's essential to understand the whys behind any advice. In this case, the human anatomy is explored for clues.

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Foods Which Harm

Most people have some idea of the foods which are unhealthy. But few realise why they are and what they can lead to.

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Delicious Food

Healthy food need to be highly nutritious to provide for your health needs. It also needs to be delicious, otherwise you won't stay with it!

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Preparation Time

Nutritious food can be prepared really fast for meals on the run. Or can be prepared at your leisure.

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Whilst the freshest food is always the best, some storage is acceptable. Which kind? And for how long?



Whilst eating the right food for your body is of the utmost importance, sometimes extra help is needed.

Eating For Health
Four Sections, 100 pages

Eating the wrong food can lead to severe and debilitating chronic disease that western medicine has little to offer.
Eating the right food can not only prevent chronic disease, it can heal it, too. Sometimes completely. And often fast.


All health conditions can improve dramatically when your body get the right nutrition.


Discover how easy it is to obtain the ideal weight for your physique, WITHOUT dieting!


When you consume the right 'fuel' for your body, your energy improves and balances.


With the right nutrition surging through your body, the effects of aging slows down. You look, and feel, younger than your years.


With your improved health, many prescribed drugs can be reduced or eliminated, with the potential to save you thousands annually.


Discover how to make the right food delicious, so you never miss the old ways.

About Madeleine Innocent

Help making you healthier and happier

As a specialised holistic practitioner, homeopath, since the year 2000, I have always made it my job to appreciate other areas that compliment this wonderful system of medicine.

People want to DO something themselves.

This is very empowering. Taking control of your own health, instead of just relying on health practitioners, is the first step in healing - REAL healing.

And there is one area that only you can do. And that's to change your diet. No one else can do that for you.

I don't care if your health practitioners are the best of the best. If you're trashing your body with non-nutritious food, there isn't a hope in the world that you'll be healthy. You may not notice it now, but the future looks bleak...

Eating For Health supports a
healthy immune system

And a healthy immune system is the key to your health troubles!

Just as gardeners understand the key to healthy plants lies in the health of the soil, so your health relies on the health of your immune system 

Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, your name it. ALL show an unhealthy immune system.

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