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Emergency Treatment For Animals Using Homeopathic Remedies

Save your animal a lot of trauma and keep your savings in tact!

The Emergency Treatment For Animals Using Homeopathic Remedies

Discover how to reduce the trauma of any emergency quickly, efficiently and permanently. All without leaving your home or draining your life's savings. You'll be amazed how easy it is to implement.

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Introducing a Life Changing Method of Treating Health Emergencies

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Why This Course?

As a professional homeopath with a family of animals, over the years I have faced many emergencies. Treating them homeopathically is both effective and rewarding.

I want to pass on this knowledge.

People who use homeopathy for themselves and their furry friends, often have a dilemma. What do they do if their animal has an emergency when their homeopath is not available?

They certainly don’t want their animal to suffer, but they’re reluctant to use emergency vets. It’s not just the expense, considerable though that generally is, as a second mortgage is often needed. Or using up their life savings.

It’s the drugs, the trauma to the animal. It’s an anxious, nail biting time in itself. The added comments make you feel an uncaring person as there is rarely any consideration for your preferences.

While there are always times when vets are needed, it isn’t as often as many people think it is.

You don't have to be an animal communicator to 'read' your animal's body language

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A Case Study

Let me give you an example of an emergency one of my regulars faced.

She was away working at the time and the care of her animals rested on the shoulders of her daughter, Alice.

It was a Sunday when Alice noticed her cat Blackie seemed to be having trouble in the litter box. He was visiting it frequently, crouching, but with no result.

Alice rang her mother, who thought it sounded serious and to take Blackie to the local emergency vet, where he remained for three days.

When the vet released him, Alice brought him straight to me. He was now out of the emergency phase and was peeing fine - it was a urinary blockage that caused the emergency.

This is really common (almost exclusively) in cats who are fed commercial cat food, especially the dry biscuits/kibble. As was Blackie.

It can recur regularly without removing the cause - the dry food in this case.

After taking Blackie's case, I prescribed a remedy.

Alice's mother told me later that she only used my remedy in Blackie's after care.

Blackie had two further vet visits to check on his condition. He had a clear bill of health. Rather to the surprise of the vet.

The total price the vet charged for the three visits came to just under $4,000.

My charge, for the consultation and the remedy, came to $155. 

Animals can be dramatic, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's an emergency. Discover:

The signs of a homeopathic remedy at work
What really is an emergency and what isn't
How not to panic, but to keep calm, with an objective mind
Tap into the euphoria when everything works out perfectly

Who is This Course For?

This course is for people who are already using homeopathy to some extent. They understand its value.

It’s also for people willing to learn. Whilst I don’t advocate newbies experimenting on their animals (it’s better to do that on yourself) in an emergency, it can be quite easy to appreciate what constitutes an emergency and what can wait.

I’ve created this course showing you what really constitutes an emergency vet visit and what doesn’t. It covers what you can do to help your animal through this difficult time. Often leading to a complete healing of the problem.

And if it doesn’t, it may get you through the holiday period well enough, so you can consult your homeopath in normal hours.

madeleine innocent

About Madeleine Innocent

I started to study homeopathy really just for my own use and that of my four legged family. 

However, as I went into it further, I knew I had to change to the practitioner course and make that my life's work.

Since then, as a lay homeopath, I have enjoyed treating both us humans and our four legged friends. Most homeopaths only treat humans and true veterinary homeopaths are hard to find.

I want to pass on what I have learned and encourage you to take a step in helping not just your animal's trauma, but to hang on to your savings. Emergencies don't come cheap!

The Homeopathic Approach

People panic quite easily, Especially when it involves their loved ones. People are easily brain washed into doing unnecessary drugs/procedures/tests when an ‘expert’ tells them it’s necessary otherwise your animal will go blind/get cancer/die/etc.

Vets don’t have crystal balls any more than the next person. They’re largely trained by big pharma and big pet food, which doesn’t make them free from bias.

It is reckoned that medical/veterinary research is 85% flawed. And the remaining 15% don’t take into consideration the diet, the lifestyle, the heath care, the trauma the research animals endure, all of which are vital when dealing with health issues.

Not only are these incredibly important aspects to consider, so too is the cause. Homeopaths are taught that the cause of any malady is of paramount importance.

Vets are taught to give 'this' drug for 'that' condition.

Animals are far more sensitive than the majority of people. Especially people who live in industrialised countries, such as the west.

Instead of being frightened into doing things you know are not supportive of good health, I teach you how to ‘read’ the animal. This not only gives you a breathing space from your anxiety, it shifts the focus.

It’s the animal, the patient, who is the important one here. And to help and support them, you need to be able to read their signs and symptoms in order to select the best homeopathic remedy.

And to put you anxiety on hold. It gets in the way!

How satisfying it is, when you see a distraught animal fall into a deep, relaxing sleep, or when you see a bleeding artery suddenly stop, or when you can get back to sleep in the middle of the night because you dealt efficiently and calmly with the problem.

The Details...

  • As a bonus, you have access to me after the event, to run through what happened, what you did and if there are any additional points for you to consider.
  • The course consists of 8 modules and 28 lessons each in text and audio form. The focus is on cats, dogs and horses, but with a bit of lateral thinking, it can apply to any animal.
  • You have lifetime access to the course.
  • Discover the 'magic' of knowing how to help your animals in distress instead of standing on the sidelines, feeling helpless.


For a fraction of the price of just a single emergency veterinary visit, you have lifetime access to treating multiple emergency health problems in different species.

For just US$197, this is a give away price for so much information.

It won't last!

As this is a course, there is no refund policy. However, I will consider extenuating circumstances

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