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Healing Snake Bites With Homeopathy

When you treat snake bites quickly, when you use an energetic system of medicine, when you support the body's best efforts to recover, the event becomes a minor inconvenience rather than the normal major, perhaps life threatening interruption of life.

Snake bites are not an uncommon problem in rural areas. Sometimes, they can venture into urban areas when they're following a tasty looking prey.

With new developments encroaching into natural areas, many snakes find their home territory rather changed. As far as they're concerned, it's still their territory.

However, generally, snakes prefer to avoid us. Being highly sensitive and attuned to their environment, they have the natural senses that alert them to danger  And they KNOW we're dangerous. If you like, they have a collective conscious memory.

The trouble is, we humans have lost or forgotten these natural senses. So we tend to go blundering through natural areas. And that's when we may come across a snake who may not be able to get out of our way.

Or worse, some people provoke a snake they come across.

Protecting our pets 

Mostly, our pets and other animals still have these natural senses that alert them to something dangerous. So they'll avoid them. The exception, perhaps, is dogs.

Dogs and snakes don't have an easy relationship.

Many dogs bark and circle and get too close. They seem to enjoy provoking the snake. Bites are inevitable in these circumstances. Even multiple bites.

There are even courses you can take your dog on, to try to de-sensitise them to snakes.

Sadie had a different approach...

Boxers are playful dogs

snake bite

Sadie was a happy girl. She bounded about looking for someone to play with. Her favourite ploy was gently side swiping anyone she thought might be interested in playing with her.

Out on a walk one sunny spring day, we came across a dugite, one of our brown snakes, considered venomous.

We skirted around it and carried on. As normal, Sadie wandered off to do her own thing while a cat and I continued on our walk.

On the home run, Sadie would normally rejoin us at a gallop. This time you could see her energy sapping. She fell down when she reached us.

Putting two and two together, I realised she must have side swiped the dugite, whose priority was probably not engaging in play.

Too heavy to carry, I encouraged her to walk the half kilometre or so home where she collapsed.

I gave her the homeopathic remedies for snake bites. Within minutes she was up and back to normal.

The following day, we encountered the dugite in the same place. This time, Sadie left it alone. She'd learned a good lesson.

This was the second time I'd treated a snake bite. The first time was when I saw a cat walking around with a baby dugite hanging from her mouth.

I didn't get involved as that can make things worse. And I knew I could help if she was bitten.

Sure enough, many hours later when she came in for her dinner, she was behaving in a strange manner - disorientated, falling over, not fully with it.

I gave her the homeopathic remedies for snake bites and she fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, she was back to her normal self.

Cats are normally savvy about poisonous snakes, either avoiding them, or if a skilled hunter, tracking them carefully. Maybe she felt a baby snake was safer. In fact, the venom of the baby dugites is considered to be more venomous than that of the adults.

cat touching snake

The cost of treating snake bites

When I went looking on the internet for the medical treatment of snake bites, I was amazed at the cost.

Initially I read that it can cost between $11,000 and $14,000 to treat.

As I dug deeper, I came across more. One website spoke of a $68,000 snake bite treatment,

Another quoted $89,000.

Yet another spoke of $143,000.

Why the huge costs?

The costs covered the anti-venom charge, which can be between $400 and $800 a vial and several vials may be needed, ambulance costs and the intensive care that accompanies any serious or life threatening issue.

That means a huge portion of the cost is down to  intensive care. And that can vary between different individuals.

What about veterinary costs?

One site spoke of a $4,000 bill for treating a dog who had been bitten by an adder.

Another site spoke of the dog dying after release from the hospital and successful treatment.

There's no guarantee.

The problems that ensue

It's not just the financial cost of the medical snake bite treatment. The treatment is not without complications.

The medical approach to treating snake bites is dependent on knowing the type of snake who bit you. They do that by taking a swab at the site of the bite.

That's difficult to do with an animal, so a poly anti-venom is used. This is a mixture of all the local dangerous snake anti-venom.

A full 40% of people are allergic to the anti-venom. I imagine more animals face that problem with the poly anti-venom.

Imagine having to deal with the toxic venom PLUS the allergic reaction to the treatment.

The venom alone can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding, headaches and paralysis. Add to that a severe allergic reaction and the high costs start to make sense.

It's not a lot of fun for the patient.

Even in those who are not allergic to the anti-venom, there can be complications such as fever and digestive problems.

Both the bite and the treatment are a severe shock to the body, physically and emotionally.

Discover How Easily You Can Avert A Disaster 

If you live remotely, perhaps on a farm or ranch. or are on a camping holiday 'far from the madding crowd' the medical option may not even be an option.

It's not just about the time factor between bite and treatment. Or the type of snake. Or the health of the victim.

It's also about the after effects on your body. What you do can make the difference between a quick return to normal or a long, slow period of malaise.

For those who don't know about homeopathy...

It's difficult for people who have no understanding of homeopathy, to appreciate the breadth and depth of its scope. Life becomes so simple when you use it appropriately.

It's well within the scope of a moderately intelligent person to learn to use the common homeopathic remedies for acute conditions, Conditions that occur on a daily basis. Even conditions that are not so common, such as snake bites.

The use of homeopathic remedies falls into two distinct categories:

  1. using the common ones for every day, and not so every day, acute ailments
  2. the chronic treatment of conditions that currently plague the world

While the chronic treatment of conditions is NOT within the scope of a home prescriber, the common, and not so common, acute conditions are. And when you use them successfully, you can avoid chronic conditions developing from that cause.

You could say that miracles become an every day occurrence.

In reality, humanity has been so lead astray from natural living, life has become hard and complicated. It can, and should be, a lot easier and more straightforward. And fun.

The Course

This course consists of three modules:

  1. Learn to be street wise
  2. Discover the differences in healing snake bites with homeopathy
  3. The important details of the remedies

You have lifetime access to this course.

There is no difference between us and our four (or two) legged companions

Homeopathic treatment is exactly the same for us as it is for any other animal.
Which shows that we are all very similar.

Dealing with snake bites is the same for whoever is bitten.

It's also virtually the same for any snake bite.

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