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In this club you'll learn about :

the causes of poor health and how to change them
the philosophy behind homeopathy and how important that is to your health
how to help yourself and when you need professional support

Details Of The Club

the club is a podcast
I cover both our health and that of our beloved, furry friends
podcasts lengths may vary from half to one hour in length
each podcast will have a theme
periodically I make offers exclusive to this club
recordings are available
I aim to answer questions
frequency is 3 times a month (I aim for 4)
the club is advert free
there is an aspect of spirituality

Join Me On A Journey To Take Back Your Autonomy, Your Health, Your Happiness

The focus is on holistic health for both us and our wonderful non-human companions, who give so much and so unconditionally.

Good health involves many aspects, such as diet, lifestyle, health care. And spirituality. Once you know where the problem areas are, they become easy to avoid. Once you know where the important considerations are, it becomes easy to make them important.

Do join me on this exciting journey!

The Old Way Of Doing Things Is Dead

It wasn’t effective. It wasn’t humane. It wasn’t benevolent. It was, quite obviously, destructive: to us, to our fellow companions, to plant life, to the Earth.

I welcome the changes that we have no choice in making, even though the transition period may be challenging. I believe these changes are going to be benevolent to all.

As a professional homeopathic consultant, I have explored so many areas that cause ill health. Areas that are often dismissed in favour of marketing a ‘cash cow’.

In Homeopathy, We Look For Causes

We explore ‘exciting’ causes (such as an accident, an injury) and ‘maintaining’ causes (such as living in constant fear, in a toxic environment). Nothing is left unturned.

Homeopathy works beautifully in restoring balance to a compromised immune system. And that applies to everyone - human, cat, elephant, parrot, we’re all the same.

All ill health comes down to a compromised immune system. Why is yours compromised?

Without a doubt, energy medicine is the medicine of the future. And homeopathy stands tall with its historic origins dating back two centuries (although there is reference to it dating back thousands of years).

That future is fast approaching.

To keep up with the huge growth that’s happening in homeopathy and in other areas of holistic health today, I spend a lot of time studying with contemporary leaders in the field.

Homeopathy Is Gentle, Kind And Above All, Effective

The production of homeopathic remedies is not industrial.

The original remedies made over 200 years ago are still in use today. How's THAT for sustainability!

To make homeopathic remedies, there is no pollution and almost no detrimental effect on the environment.

Apart from the source of the remedy, our resources are alcohol (usually ethanol), water, sugar pillules (made either from sucrose or lactose) and the glass bottles and vials that are used.

That's it!

While I hate to say homeopathy could never be a 'cash cow' for a mega corporation, as humans can be resourceful, (creatively and destructively) it doesn't lend itself to that way of thinking or being.

Homeopathy is gentle on the environment and gentle on you, yet is one of the (If not THE) most effective healing therapies.

madeleine innocent

I want to share what I’ve learned

As a member of my club, together we’ll explore all the important and various aspects that can be instrumental to your health.

When you look after yourself, you look after the world.

With the huge changes that are coming, it leaves many confused. This is for you if you want to grow, to evolve. To improve your health and of those who depend on you, rather than being dependent of those with a questionable agenda, but who are hailed as the ‘experts’.


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