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Discover how to prescribe for acute conditions


Homeopathic treatment is very flexible. While the chronic, deep, long lasting conditions are best dealt with by a professional homeopath, anyone can learn to use some of the common remedies for acute conditions, such as:

sprains and strains
colds and 'flus and more

Introducing a Life Changing Method
of Treating Pathology

It goes without saying that the severe injuries, burns, fever, bites, strains and sprains and acute ailments need professional help. That being said, you can still start the treatment yourself, on the way to your preferred health practitioner, and start the healing process.

This can be invaluable as the sooner you start the healing process, not only will the healing be faster, long term damage can be prevented.

People tend to turn to natural therapies 'as a last resort' when medicine fails them. This is a pity as medical drugs and surgery never cures the underlying problem. It can only ever suppress the body and its best efforts to right itself.

Symptoms are not the 'baddies'. They are messages from your body telling you all is not well. Suppressing them with drugs and surgery may give you initial respite, but the underlying cause is still there.

That means, things can only get worse. Not necessarily the problem that is being medically targeted. It can be, but it can also be more progressive. Let me give you a couple of examples:


  • suppressing the symptoms of joint pain often leads to heart problems
  • suppressing skin eruptions normally leads to asthma

These don't occur immediately. It can take years as your body always tries to heal itself and work with what has been done. When it can't then new pathology develops.

So no one makes the connection.

Except the discerning holistic practitioners.


You don't need to be an academic genius to learn to use some of the common homeopathic remedies in acute prescribing. You just need to have a desire to.

The Medical System is Taking
Us in the Wrong Direction

Western medicine is concerned about factors that are external to the body, such as germs, parasites, viruses, etc.

This is how they're trained.

This approach relies on killing these germs.

What is of much greater importance is our internal economy, how healthy we are, how healthy our immune system is. A robust immune system has no trouble in eliminating these germs. Or preventing their entry.

Don't Fear Symptoms
They Are Only Messengers

People get quite frightened by symptoms. Especially when it involves their loved ones. People are easily brain washed into doing unnecessary drugs/procedures/tests when an ‘expert’ tells them it’s necessary otherwise you or a family member will go blind/get cancer/die/etc.

In reality, your symptoms are messages from your body telling you something needs your attention. In themselves, they are not the problem.

But they do need to be heeded.


Medical doctors and vets don’t have crystal balls any more than the next person. They’re largely trained by big pharma (along with big pet food), which doesn’t make them free from bias.

It is reckoned that medical/veterinary research is 85% flawed.

That's a lot!

Why should this be?

Most research is financed by big pharma. They are not going to fund research that puts them in a bad light. So the researchers have their hands tied.

What about the remaining 15%? Very often, the research doesn’t take into consideration the diet, the lifestyle, the heath care, the trauma the research subjects endure, all of which are vital when dealing with health issues.

Not only are these incredibly important aspects to consider, so too is the cause.

Causes of Health Problems

 Homeopaths are taught that the cause of any malady is of paramount importance.

MDs and vets are just taught to give 'this' drug for 'that' condition. No cause is considered. No diet is considered. No lifestyle is considered.

Instead of being frightened into doing things you know are not supportive of good health, I teach you how to ‘read’ the signs and symptoms of a variety of acute conditions, so you can treat them successfully. All from home.. 

Very often, this leads to a complete recovery. Even in severe cases, you can always start off the treatment quickly, by your prompt and thoughtful action. This can lead to much better and faster overall healing.

How satisfying it is, when you see a distraught toddler fall into a deep, relaxing sleep, or when your painful bee sting suddenly stops hurting, or when your dog stops scratching at an abscess or when you can get back to sleep in the middle of the night because you dealt efficiently and calmly with the problem.

You are in control of the situation. And life can carry on with minimal interruption.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for people who want to learn to treat themselves and their family members, (including their animal members) when acute conditions occur. 

They want to deal with the condition efficiently and effectively and then get on with enjoying life. Why suffer when you don't have to?

It's empowering for you, as the prescriber.  
The treatment is trauma free for the patient
Problems can melt away effortlessly 
And it's light on your bank balance

It's a win-win-win-win position to be in! Especially in some situations, such as:

You're away on holiday, miles from anywhere.
You're facing a situation in the middle of the night.
Your car won't start/buses or taxis are on strike, so you can't get help.

Who Benefits From This Course?


Homeopathic treatment doesn't just benefit us humans. It benefits all animals in the same way. There is no difference.

The only area that differs between them and us when using homeopathy, is the language. Most of us can't hear what animals are actually saying.

However, the body language is quite easy to read when you know how.

When the remedy is right, then the animal is very willing to take it. There's

  • no forcing,
  • no hiding the treatment in food
  • no fear and hiding in anticipation.

The Homeopathic Approach

Using homeopathy is hugely different from using drugs.

You don't fit into a box as medicine like to attempt to do.

Everyone is different. Your experiences in life are different even from your siblings. Your perceptions of life are different. Which means your health care should be tailored to you, not to a label.

Learning a new skill always need a teacher, otherwise you don't really know what you're doing and don't get the results you want.

I'm here to help you understand how to use homeopathy for acute conditions.  I'm here to help you get the results you want.

Whatever it is you want to learn or use, you always need to use it appropriately. Everything can be abused. Everything can be potentially harmful. A classic example is water. You can die if you don't drink enough water. You can also die if you drink too much. So you need to know how to use it appropriately.

helping hand

That teaching normally comes from your parents or perhaps health care professional.

Learning a new skill with an experienced teacher makes lessons easy. Mistakes become minimal.


About Me

madeleine innocent

I started to study homeopathy really just for my own use and that of my four legged family.

However, as I went into it further, I knew I had to change to the practitioner course and make that my life's work.

Since then, as a lay homeopath, I have enjoyed treating both us humans and our four legged friends. Most homeopaths only treat humans and true veterinary homeopaths are hard to find.

I want to pass on what I have learned and encourage you to take a step in helping not just your own health, but that of your family's too.

The Details

This course consists of 52 lessons, broken down into five modules, each with a different theme.

Module 1 is about getting started

Module 2 is about our most common remedies, broken into 3 sections

Module 3 is about the taints we all carry and how to prevent future taints

Module 4 is about some small, but very useful remedies

Module 5 is about therapeutically helping organs

Each lesson covers one homeopathic remedy and one aspect of philosophy, in text and audio forms. So you can listen to them while driving, cycling or running.

It is self paced.

There are three self marking quizzes, not to catch you out or test your memory, but to give you an idea how to go about taking a case and working out the most appropriate remedy.

You have access to me for any questions.


When considering the price of a health benefit, it's important to take into consideration the long term value of better health. Improved health can lead to:

- more independence, less reliance on others
- greater ability to work, whether for financial
or home or child care duties

Once enrolled in this course, you have lifetime access to treating multiple acute health problems in anyone, regardless of body shape, number of legs, .whether hairy or not, whatever language they speak.

For just US$247, this is a give away price for so much information.

It may not last!


As a bonus, you have full access to my course on the tissue salts. These are also called cell salts. Their true name is the Schuessler salts as he was the originator.


Interactive Online Classes

Some people find text and even audio lessons difficult to put into practice!  It's normal when learning something completely new.

So as an optional extra to this course, I am offering monthly video calls to help you through wherever you get stuck.

This is experimental at the moment as it will depend on the number of people who are interested.

My suggestions include:

  • monthly calls of 1 hour duration using Zoom
  • depending on where people live, I may offer two time options
  • first month is free, then a nominal monthly charge 
  • sessions will be interactive, so a recording may not be available


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