It’s a well known fact that vaccination cause viruses to mutate, by those who are involved in real science and real health care. That would include virologists and some natural health professionals, such as homeopaths.

Sadly, not all virologists are allowed to speak their minds, because their funding may come from industries invested in promoting vaccines.

Therapists involved in real health care, such as homeopathy, have known about problems with vaccines since the very first one – smallpox.

Chronic Inflammation

A very busy and able English medical doctor James Compton Burnett switched allegiance to homeopathy. He was conducting an experiment in a hospital ward of sick children, giving half the normal medical treatment and half the homeopathic treatment.

In his absence, his nurse gave all the children under his care the homeopathic remedy, feeling the experiment was too cruel. When he returned the ward was virtually empty, the children having been sent home cured.

He went on to become one of homeopaths great masters, writing many books.

He quickly realised that the new smallpox vaccine was creating havoc in the health of those who took it. He named this phenomena ‘vaccinosis’, or chronic inflammation created by the vaccine.

We know now that chronic inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases. The body is unable to respond in its normal way to keep the body in balance. Its core has been greatly disturbed.

But we also know that vaccination cause viruses to mutate. And they all damage the thymus gland. This gland is a vital part of the lymphatic system, making T-cells. T-cells have an important function in keeping the immune system strong, defending the body against potential ill health.

The fundamental flaw in the vaccination process, which is not based in real science, is that viruses help us evolve. In reasonably healthy people, they strengthen the immune system.

In people who are badly mal-nourished or who have a poorly functioning immune system, they can have a much greater effect, even fatal.

All a vaccine does is to weaken them further.

The Importance Of The Immune System

You could say that a virus is the same as getting an education. It trains the body’s immune system to be better prepared at keeping the body healthy. It happens with all species.

A child NEEDS to have the typical childhood illnesses for the immune system to get in some practice. Children who have experienced these diseases are much healthier adults. Children who don’t experience these disease are targets for all manner of chronic disease, including cancer.

When a virus is prevented from doing its job, it invariably mutates into something more virulent. For example shingles is a result of the chicken pox injection. Children frequently suffer with upper respiratory infections after their childhood injections.

In dogs, the distemper injection is known to cause parvovirus. Similarly the feline leaukemia injection has created the more deadly FIP, or feline infectious peritonitis.

The best way to defend your body against serious ill health is to look after the immune system.

  • There are several steps in this process.
  • Eat a diet most appropriate for your species.
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Take time off for you.
  • Meditate, practice Tai Chi or one of the other eastern practices.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Spend time in Nature, listening to her sounds and the sounds of silence.
  • Appreciate your life and the nurturing Earth. Find things to be positive about. I love a blue sky, clouds, rain, crashing thunder, flashes of lightning…
  • Get out into the sun, as much as your skin type allows.
  • Rest when you’re not well.
  • Ask yourself if you really need all your ‘stuff’.
  • Be mindful of where toxins are and avoid as much as you can.
  • Follow your passion, your heart, your truth even if it makes you unpopular.
  • Surround yourself by positive and supportive people, lifestyle choices, etc.
  • And above all, use an holistic therapy such as homeopathy for all your health concerns.

With your immune system in good order, you’ll be able to deal with a virus easily. If you are affected by it, it is likely to be mild. With a growth spurt (mental or physical) as a result.

Our microbiome is teeming with thousands of viruses, bacteria and fungus. Without them, we wouldn’t be alive. So how can a single virus be a problem? It can’t. Unless you make money from convincing everyone it can unless they buy your product.

When you appreciate that vaccination cause viruses to mutate, that it’s not the virus you need to worry about, but your immune system, you’ll enjoy a much healthier life.

One thing I have learned in life is that we humans aren’t as clever as we think we are. Nature is much more so. The sooner we all accept that, the happier and healthier we’ll be.