It is possible to learn how to improve your eyesight naturally, whatever your problem is. You could need to wear glasses or contact lens from short or long vision. You could be sensitive to light or certain colours. You might have difficulty reading because the words blur or the colour contrast is not sharp enough.

You might suffer with discharge, constant flow of tears, styes, bloodshot eyes, floaters, twitching, dryness, entropian, eye strain, squinting. You might have developed opacity of the lens, a cataract, oscillation or glaucoma. Perhaps your eyes protrude.

What is worth remembering is that any problem that is associated with any one part of your body, in this case your eyes, is also connected to the rest of you. So to get real, permanent improvement, you can’t isolate them. You have to look at you, your body, your health, as a whole unit.

That’s the idea behind holistic health.

Here are my five key areas on how to improve your eyesight naturally.

Eye Exercises

Most people are fully aware of the need to exercise their body to retain optimum health. You don’t have to be a gym junkie or a weight lifter or run marathons. Steady, daily exercise is normally enough.

How many people do that for their eyes? Yet the same principles apply. Many jobs have us starting at computer screens all day. That’s certainly not what our eyes were designed for.

The following exercise is the one I used to improve my eyesight dramatically. And still use occasionally, to keep it excellent.

There are five simple exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime, that take a couple of minutes. It needs no equipment or pictures. Just make sure you’re not doing something that needs your concentration at the time, such as driving.

  1. With your head steady and still and in the normal straight ahead, relaxed position, look up as far as you can, then down as far as you can.
  2. Now look to the left as far as you can, then to the right as far as you can.
  3. Now do a rotation of your eyes clockwise, keeping the eyes at the outer extremities of your eyeball.
  4. Now do the same anticlockwise.
  5. Now look, and focus, on a distant object, such as a cloud. Then focus on a really close object, such as your hand about a hands width from your eyes.

At this point, your eyes will most likely be aching. Just as your body aches after starting new exercise regimes.

That’s it for the day.

Tomorrow, try to manage doing two of each of the exercises.

The following day, try to do three of each.

And so on until you reach 20 of each one. I look up and down 20 times, then left and right 20 times, then each rotation 20 times, then far/close 20 times. I do them when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting in traffic or at red lights, any time I find I have a short period of time I have of doing nothing much.

I found my eyes showed dramatic improvement in the first week. After a year of the daily exercises, I threw away my magnification glasses I was using for reading and the computer.

After a couple of years of religious daily exercises, now I top up maybe once a month.

I can now read small print in bad light and don’t need glasses for computer work.

Your Diet

You might wonder what diet has to do with learning how to improve your eyesight naturally.


There is a saying that ‘the west has never been so well fed and so undernourished’. In other words, people eat plenty, but the quality of the food is poor. There is little nourishment.

How can your body function properly without proper nourishment? If you don’t provide the right nourishment for your body, all manner of problems will erupt, not just in your eyes.

The key areas is to eat an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, very little animal protein and cut out junk food. A whole food, plant-based diet is the one that people do best on, that supports the best and lasting health.

Eat a wide variety of different fruit and vegetables. They supply your eyes with the nourishment they need.

Check out T Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard, Food Revolution Network and Sharan for more on this topic.

The Sun

The sun is the giver of life. It does so much more than provide warmth and vitamin D. Get into the habit of absorbing the healing effects of the sun on a regular basis.

This can double up as a short rest period, too.

Sit or stand comfortably. Outside with bare feet on the soil is ideal, but anywhere that works for you is fine. It is best to have nothing between your eyes and the sun, such as window glass, fly screens, glasses, contact lens, sunnies.

Choose the time of day that works for you. Midday in the summer of a hot climate may not be the best time for anyone!

Look directly at the sun. If it is too bright, then close your eyes.

Breathe deeply and comfortably about 20 times.

I like to thank the sun. Then go about my day.

Rest and Sleep

You need to rest your eyes. And nothing rests them better than a good night’s sleep.

During the day, change your focus and move your eyes around.

Try not to stare unblinkingly, too. Blinking in a gentle, relaxed way keeps your eyes from getting tired.


Use professional homeopathic treatment as your primary health care. Homeopathy is the most profoundly deep acting healing treatment you can have. It works at an holistic level. It supports a healthy immune system. It helps every condition because it is healing YOU not your condition.

Whilst there are many and varied natural healing modalities around, none have the capacity of working with everyone that homeopathy does. Babies, in utero foetuses, the frail, the elderly, animals as well as people, and plants, too, can all be helped at a deep level.

Homeopathy is a non-invasive treatment. The treatment is oral. The taste is uneventful. The dose is small. The effect can be immediate, transformative and relaxing.

Following these guides on how to improve your eyesight naturally may take you some time to fully implement. Rarely can we make radical changes quickly. However, when we make small, daily changes that suit us at all levels, then it is surprising what can be achieved in a few months or a year.

Stay in for the long haul! You can sign up for my regular emails here.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues, often serious, and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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    • Dan Rakela

      I have been diagnosed with glaucoma and catarac’s. I want to know which homeopathic medicine can help me with this, and I also wear contact lenses for near sightedness and stigmatism.

    • Madeleine Innocent

      You’d need to consult a professional homeopath.

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