Learning how to repair your liver may save your life. This is no exaggeration. The health of your liver is vital to your overall health. A badly functioning liver can lead to so many different conditions, ailments and other organ failure that are rarely connected to the liver. Yet when the liver is healed, all the other conditions come good. It is that far reaching.

Never take your liver for granted. It works extremely hard for you and you need to be on board with how to help it.

There are many courses and suggestions teaching you how to cleanse your liver. While these can be helpful, you really need to be permanently caring for this vital organ of yours, rather than doing periodic cleanses.

Why Care For Your Liver?

We live in a very toxic world these days. The toxins are unnatural to our bodies, and they are not equipped to deal with them. At least, not as fast as most are ingested or absorbed.

Our bodies are far better equipped in dealing with natural toxins, such as might be found in poisonous plants. That is, if your immune system is in good shape, which is rather rare these days.

The liver can be viewed as the filter of everything you ingest. So it’s constantly functioning. It can get a bit overloaded with so much work. But it can get massively overloaded when you ingest unnatural foods, foods that contain modified natural foods (such as white sugar, white flour, refined oils, fried food, etc) or chemicals (preservatives, colours, flavours and so on).

The overload can easily lead to liver problems over time. Which often are not picked up medically until well advanced. Then there is little medicine can do to help liver disease.

What are some common early signs that all is not well with your liver?

  • you may be more fatigued, especially in the morning, on waking, even after a good night’s sleep
  • you may not be able to consume fatty foods without discomfort, nausea or even pain
  • you may have cold extremities, what is termed ‘bad circulation’
  • you may be easily irritated, even angry

Cirrhosis, fibrosis, hepatitis, liver failure and liver cancer are all advanced stages of liver damage in various forms, but can still be helped and possibly totally eliminated, with a lot of help.

Let’s look at some foods that are good for your liver and some which are bad.

Liver Healthy Foods, etc

  • all fresh fruit and veggies
  • whole herbs and spices
  • freshly squeezed fresh fruit or veggie juice
  • freshly frozen fruit and veggies
  • all nuts, seeds and fatty fruit (avocado and coconut), in moderation when your liver health is already good
  • organically produced fresh food is best as there is less chemical residue
  • natural medicine such as homeopathy

Liver Unhealthy Foods, etc

  • fatty foods, especially animal fats and refined oils
  • refined foods
  • chemical additives of any description
  • foods grown with agricultural chemicals
  • animal proteins
  • soda
  • alcohol
  • drugs – either medical or social

Once you are aware of how to repair your liver, make sure your food and medical choices reflect that. Make them permanent. Focus your weekly food purchases around them. If the unhealthy foods are not in the house, you are much less likely to be tempted.

You don’t have to resist all the bad foods all the time. Just be aware that they can be harmful. For example, a glass of wine or beer at the end of a stressful day may help relieve your tension, which is obviously beneficial. But a drunken party is bad for you on many levels.

Instead of buying an occasional chocolate bar, (which is loaded with refined foods) you could make your own with healthy, whole ingredients.

Toxins are stored in fat cells, for the most part. The more weight you carry, the more toxic you are likely to be. You won’t be able to lose weight without eliminating the toxins, first.


Making fasting a regular part of your life gives your digestive tract a much needed rest. That includes your liver.

If you have never fasted before, then I suggest you start with a 24 hour water fast. That is to only drink water, with no food, for 24 hours. If that sounds too hard, then you can build up to it, by starting with juice fasts. That is only freshly squeezed fresh fruit and/or veggie juice for 24 hours.

If you can do that regularly once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, your health, and that of your liver, will improve.

If all goes well during a 24 hour fast, then you could occasionally do a 3 day water fast. This helps eliminate the toxins stored in your fat cells. It would be a good idea to do this while you are not stressed or at work. Take time off. If you can’t make it all the way through, that’s not a drama. Try again another time.

How To Repair Your Liver Quickly and Easily

In addition to the above, and not detracting from it in any way, there are some faster ways to support liver health.

The herbs chelidonium and carduus marianus are both wonderful liver restorers. They are best in the herbal tincture form (although the taste is not great). Efficacy is always compromised in each stage of refinement, so the capsules are less beneficial, although taste better:)

Both of these herbs can also be purchased in homeopathic form. The lower potencies, such as 3x or 6x, provide the greatest benefit to the liver, to a broad scope of different people.

These are not quick fixes. They will take time to heal, especially badly damaged livers. Months definitely. Maybe even years for some.

However, a faster approach is to seek good homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective natural form of medicine that restores health, whatever condition you present with. It is individually targeted for you.

By discovering how to repair your liver, and the only real way is holistic, may save your life, is likely to increase your life span and will certainly improve the quality of your life. Honour, respect and take good care of your liver, starting today:)

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